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Guild News


xicillin, Oct 17, 10 2:34 PM.
rip syndicate, was awesome while it lasted :)

3rd Boss cleared, 4th boss to 0%

darkblighttmo, Sep 22, 10 12:36 PM.
the third boss in temple has been cleared, 4th boss got to 0% and bugged out so he should be cleared tonight.

Welcome alot of new members from death and taxes, our goal is to gear them up and lay the smack down on Indigo =)

if you wana get in on the fun leme know

remember over here, everyone can roll on loot, and you dont have to suck up to a officer to progress.

also with the state of guilds you got (fake insomnia) and crymeria so.. where else would you rather be... than right here... right now!


Server Fist Rashka on normal

darkblighttmo, Sep 16, 10 10:34 PM.
great night, as we continue to be the first to down content, just under a new name. 

very proud of cariha, mynoss, chakra, kingbee, goombac and darkelement...

lets have fun clearing/farming this new instance and progresss to the 12 man!


darkblighttmo, Jul 29, 10 3:40 PM.
chakra and db have decided to give it a go and build a new runes of magic Indigo
raiding guild. if you are interested in joining us on building a group worthy of the new lvl 60 12 man content on the door step fill out a app or hit us up in game.

we are still ironing out the rules and details of how the guild will work, so there is not a better time than the present to get in on the ground up and influence decisions that may impact how we all play the game!
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